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When Alien was first released in 1979, it became an instant cult classic, featuring one of the most terrifying creatures in science fiction history—the xenomorph. Own a piece of cinema history with this highly-detailed scale replica.


Easy to follow, illustrated instructions can be found on the website, so you can download them and start building your model wherever you are!


Subscribe now and you’ll receive your first pack with kits 1-4 for a special price of £24.99 with free P&P. After that, you’ll receive subsequent packs with 8 kits monthly for £94.99 + £5 P&P. There are 13 packs in the collection containing 100 assembly kits in total. As part of your subscription benefits, you will also receive 3 FREE gifts during the course of your collection.

Click subscribe to select your starting issue.
You’ll receive your first pack within a month at a special price of £24.99 with free P&P!
From then on, you’ll receive another delivery each month containing 8 kits at £94.99 + £5 P&P each.



Pack 1: Kits 1-4

Pack 2: Kits 5-12

Pack 3: Kits 13-20

Pack 4: Kits 21-28

Pack 5: Kits 29-36

Pack 6: Kits 37-44

Pack 7: Kits 45-52

Pack 8: Kits 53-60

Pack 9: Kits 61-68

Pack 10: Kits 69-76

Pack 11: Kits 77-84

Pack 12: Kits 85-92

Pack 13: Kits 93-100


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Below are the most frequently asked questions which we have answered. Please check here before you get in contact with us, as you may find we have already answered your question.


What is the Alien collection?

The collection gives you everything you need to build the iconic Alien Xenomorph in 1:2 scale. In each pack, you will receive kits with parts to build your model. Assembly instructions for each pack will be available online and can be downloaded at any time. Need more help? You can find additional video steps and tips here.

What are the model’s specifications?

  • Scale: 1:2
  • Height: 1.2M
  • Materials: metal & plastic

How does this subscription work?

The Alien Xenomorph is complete in 100 kits split across 13 packs. You will receive one pack every 4 weeks. The first pack contains 4 kits and comes at the special price of £24.99. Pack 2 onwards contain 8 kits and each pack is priced at £94.99 (+ £5 P&P).

How much does each pack cost?

Pack 1 comes at the special price of £24.99.
Pack 2 onwards is priced at £94.99 + £5 P&P.

How often do I receive my deliveries?

You will receive a delivery every four weeks.

Are postage and packaging costs added to the purchase price?

The postage and packaging is completely free on pack 1. From pack 2 onwards, the postage and packaging cost is £5.

Where can I get the assembly guides?

All assembly guides will be published here. They can be viewed and downloaded for free at any time. If you have difficulties downloading the files, please contact our Customer Service Team.

How can I get copies if I live outside the UK?

We are sorry, but at the moment we cannot send copies outside the UK.

Customers from the USA please click here to visit the USA website.


How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe in 2 ways: online or by telephone on 0344 892 7205.

What payment methods are available?

Direct Debit, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal.

Have you received my subscription request - I have not had confirmation?

If you have subscribed online, you will receive a confirmation email followed by your welcome letter, both will be sent within 24 hours of placing your order. If you do not receive this email, please contact our Customer Service Team since there may have been a problem receiving your order, or an error with the email address used on your order form. If you subscribe via post or phone, you will receive a confirmation welcome letter within seven days of us receiving your request to subscribe. This contains your order reference number and details of your subscription. If you haven't received a welcome letter after 10 days, then please contact our Customer Service Team. If you email the team, please include your name in the subject line.

When will I receive my superb free gifts?

With your 2nd delivery, you will your FREE cutting mat.
With your 4th delivery, you will receive your FREE movie artwork tin poster.
With your 7th delivery, you will receive your FREE Alien figurine.


How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time by giving 28 days’ notice - please contact our Customer Service Team via telephone, post or email. If you contact the team by writing, please include your name and subscription reference. You can also cancel your subscription online if you have a Hachette Partworks online account.

Can I get the free subscription gifts without subscribing?

No, sorry, but if you’d like to subscribe you can do so via our 'subscribe' page.

I have not received all my packs or gifts; how can you help?

We are sorry to hear that. If you have recently subscribed, please allow up to 28 days for the delivery of your first parcel. Our Customer Service Team can resolve this for you, please just get in touch using one of the methods in the contact section. If you email the team, please include your name and subscription number in the subject line.

How do I return a pack?

If you subscribe and decide for whatever reason not to keep a received pack, you must send it back unopened within 14 days following the receipt of your dispatch to the following address:

Swift Park
Old Leicester Road
CV21 1DZ

Please include your subscription number with your parcel. A parcel kept more than 14 days means acceptance and the invoice should be paid promptly.

Why have I received the wrong pack?

We will replace all your packs with the correct ones. In order for us to arrange for a replacement, please contact our Customer Service Team via phone or email. If you email the team, please include your name and subscription reference in the subject line.

Is this collection available in shops?

No, this collection is available via subscription only.

What should I do if I receive a damaged issue?

We replace any damaged pack free of charge. Just send us back your damaged pack and contact our Customer Service Team. It might be also a good idea to mention the problem to Royal Mail.


Why can't I get through on the telephone number given?

We have lots of lines and staff dedicated to helping you, but they can be busy at peak times so please keep trying. Alternatively, please email our Customer Services Team at

I cannot access some of the website pages. What can I do?

It may be a temporary problem, so please click refresh to reload the page. If you are experiencing problems getting through to the secure order area when trying to place a subscription, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team using one of the methods in the contact section.




Email our customer service team:


Call the Alien hotline on:

UK: 0344 892 7205
(Local rates apply)


Write to our Customer Service Centre at:

Alien, Unit 4, Pullman Business Park, Pullman Way, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 1HD